Be inspired:Summer floral arrangements

Tendinte decoratiuni nunta 2012: CULORI

Every bride wants to make a picture in her mind about how it's supposed to be her ideal wedding, especially if it will take place this summer. But to discuss all the details of flowers, arrangements for the reception, the Church, table and seat covers is a lot of work. We know that you have all the attention focused on the wedding attire and other details now, that's why I will help you with some ideas about colors and flowers for you summer wedding.

50 ideas of roses floral arrangements

The wedding is approaching and it is time to choose the flowers that will decorate the reception hall one the day and guests tables.  If your favorite flower is the rose, I offer you 50 ideas to inspire you in discovering the most beautiful floral arrangements for your wedding .
Flower arrangements are the most important wedding decorations, the most visible decorations due to their positioning in the center tables. Every bride wants to have special floral arrangements, a wedding theme to match, to be in tune with the colors chosen for the wedding, but also to be practical, that it does not interfere with guests seated at tables. One of the most enduring and versatile flowers is undoubtedly the rose.

Floral arrangements for all 4 personality types of the couple

You already predict what will be your flower arrangements. You can choose bouquets and colors with some confidence, without taking your fiance out of the meeting, even if you prefer to consult with him. Is this true? That's because your partner already has its own personality ... You want to know which is your couple personality? And how to express it through flowers, your wedding day?
Psychologists have found four major types of human personality. That does not mean we are barred from preferences and behavior. Rather, we can call them lifestyles. Harrison Gough, the researcher who discovered and popularized them more than 50 years ago, talks about "ways of living", rather than personalities.

You have probably heard about the personality inventory at California Psychological Inventory (CPI). With its help, you can find out what type of personality you tend to be. It doesn't apply to couples ... But we think that couples can be described by one of the four lifestyles. True, it has not yet been scientifically proven. It was verified, however, that in a couple, one shapes the other partner, and their personalities are in harmony. Married couples tend to have their own personality and preferences which they express starting with the wedding day, from the first flowers ...

So, do you want to find the personality of your couple? And which floral arrangements best suits you?

Undying white : floral arrangements for your wedding

White is a great color for wedding decorations since it brings so many sensations in one place ... Sincerely, expansiveness, robustness, purity and also peace, reconciliation, sobriety. White is a traditional color for weddings and can be incorporated easily into any arrangement or decoration. We offer ideas for wedding decorations in white.

For a white wedding theme you have a lot of possibilities in making flower arrangements: wedding bouquets  or bridesmaids bracelets bouquets, wedding candles, pillars of the church, restaurant and decorations of the dining arrangements.

White Wedding Flowers: anemone, iris, gladioli, jerbera, freesia, white carnations, peonies, callas, roses, lilies, lily imperial orchids, tulips, Madagascar jasmine, Clover, hydrangeas, ivy, lilac.